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AutoMate is an app to help keep track of your car’s maintenance schedule and service history. I am expecting to have this out by the end of Fall 2020 🤞.

If you’re interested in downloading and using the TestFlight beta builds, feel free to check it out here:

I’ll update this post as I continue to make more progress on the app.

Plans and features

Once complete you should be able to add your car(s) and add in your car’s full service history. All backed up using iCloud/CloudKit.

Target OS: iOS 14+

  • Add your car(s)
    • Store details about your car(s)
  • Track the service history
    • Store previous and current service records for your car.

Tech details

Here’s some quick tech details about AutoMate if you’re curious

  • Built using SwiftUI and targeting iOS 14+
  • Persistent data with CloudKit and CoreData



The items in the service history are not indicative to the listed car’s reliability. 😅