Introducing Tankd, my first iOS app released in the App Store for iOS!

So the app is called Tankd and simply put it’s a fuel stop tracking app for iOS. I had heard a few times and even talked to a few friends who like to save their receipts at every fuel stop they make. I tried this for a short bit and got frustrated with all of the receipt papers cluttering up areas like the glove box. There’s also spreadsheets which would solve this problem just as easy. However, I thought I could try and make a more eloquent way of tracking fuel stops and maybe, eventually, present the data as more of an overview like a dashboard.

You can find Tankd on the App Store here:

The Tech

I used Tankd as a learning opportunity for SwiftUI, Apple’s latest UI framework for Apple’s platforms. It stores data persistantly using CoreData which is able to quickly store a lot of data on your device.

  • SwiftUI
  • CoreData


If you run into bugs or want to request a feature please feel free to reach out to me through an email or a DM on Twitter.


  • Added a link to Tankd on the App Store.
  • Apparently I had the date wrong on the post 🤦‍♂️.